Winter Training

When I received my acceptance email on February 1st from The Retired Racehorse Project, I couldn’t wait to get to work training and showing Thomas.

Thomas arrived on December 15th and in the two months he’s been in training the weather as not exactly been agreeable. We’ve had lots of snow, record amounts for Nebraska actually, and many days where it has just been too cold to ride. I try to keep it to very light work if its under 15-20 degrees outside. Despite the weather, we’ve managed to have some very successful rides. Thomas is starting to look for contact in the bridle and learning to move off my leg. I have jumped him twice and he took to it right away! He is the easiest baby thoroughbred I’ve ever ridden, nothing bothers him!

I’m going to take some dressage lessons with a local trainer to work on our flat work skills, I could use a refresher too! My hope is to get to some cross country schooling days and horse trials, along with our local jumper shows and dressage shows. It’s going to be a busy spring and summer but I can’t want to see how Thomas improves and grows!

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