Kentucky, Here We Come!


As many of you know, I applied to compete in the 2019 Retired Racehorse Project. I found out Friday the 1st that I am one of 673 accepted trainers! I am beyond thrilled…also kind of nervous!

My RRP mount, Thomas, has been more than perfect since I got him in December. We jumped our first jump just last week and are working on all the fun baby horse things, like steering, accepting the bit, accepting my leg, etc. But he has the coolest personality and pretty much nothing bothers him. I can’t wait to get him to his first show in a couple weeks. We’ll be going to as many little local schooling shows as possible and hopefully traveling to some bigger shows and horse trials to introduce him to as many venues as possible before traveling to the Horse Park in October.

I’ve created a Facebook page Thomas – Retired Racehorse Project 2019┬áif you would like to follow along with our journey! I will be updating this blog as well!


If you’re planning on attending or competing at the RRP, please reach out! I’d love to meet new friends while we’re there!


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