Isn’t it a Small World?

I love moments tat make you think “wow, what a small world”. In a world filled with 7.4 billion people, it really is anything but small. But finding someone with a mutual connection makes it feel a little smaller for that brief moment.

The equestrian community seems to make this world even smaller. It seems where ever you go, you will meet someone new with a mutual connection. “I used to lesson with…” or I bought a horse from…” is the fastest way to establish common ground.

For the last couple of months, I’ve been trying to sell a mare I’ve been riding for a family friend. I’ve been struggling with her because she is 14 years old but she is not safe for beginners. Most people who are shopping for a horse that age want to it be beginner safe. I had an ad posted for this mare on a couple different sites. I received this email just last week.

“I started this filly and divorced so donated her back to Mona at NYHR. Wow I’m shaking right now since I was thinking about Cola and her brother Carbon who I also owned since weanling. Finally I’m on my feet and looking to get an OTTB since it’s what I do best. I have video and many pics of her as a filly when I showed her in Hunter Breeding and flat classes 3 yo.”

I reached out to this woman and received hundreds of photos of her and Cola as a 3-year-old. 36552713_10210699106508726_8398692153714278400_n.jpg

Cola has now found a wonderful new home with the woman who started her. I am so happy that they both found each other again. I had to laugh and say “what a small world”.

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